The Power of Personal Branding

Leaders Use Personal Branding To Establish Themselves As Industry Influencers

Smart Leaders have understood the power of Personal Branding to establish themselves as Industry Influencers. Because of the rise of digital and online identities quickly impacting offline success, it has become a leadership requirement to manage our online presence.

Personal Branding is defined as marketing oneself and one’s career as brands. Employees, partners, clients, media, potential employers and career experts all have access to who we are, what we write, think and do online. So it is all the more crucial to take the lead and carve out our own image. Personal brand assets include resume, bio, Linkedin profile, articles or even a personal blog. Executives can use these tools as well as social media channels like industry blogs, Linkedin Pulse and Twitter to spread disruptive ideas on their industry and give their unique point of view. The higher their social media following reaches, the broader their influence.

In one of our Thoughts For Leaders Executive Forums, our Partners described the importance of crafting a compelling Bio in addition to a simple resume. While a resume is an invitation for a more in depth conversation about your professional career, a Bio will provide an effective snapshot of who you are as a Leader and/or subject matter expert. It is another opportunity to discuss your impact on organizations and your influence as a change agent and key opinion leader.

One of the most powerful and overlooked weapons in your personal branding arsenal is your Linkedin Profile. Over 400 millions professionals, companies and hiring experts use this platform on a regular basis. And still so many talented executives are not taking this tool seriously and are not optimizing their profile in a proper manner.

If you look for useful and impactful tips to improve your Linkedin profile, find below some insights from social media expert Geraldine from Mazette Media who advises our firm on digital communications.

Pi Executive Personal Branding
One of Pi Executive’s advisors, who used to run a multi-billion dollars cosmetics company, strongly suggests communicating on your expertise – so start writing white papers, blog posts on your area of expertise right now! Stay active on social media, publish and engage with others to establish your reputation as trustworthy and knowledgeable. Of course continue networking in real life events. It is all about relationships.

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Article written by Pierre Trippitelli | Partner & Board Member at Pi Executive

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