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At Pi Executive we know how unique and valuable people are to organizations. Our main objective as the Premier Talent Advisory Firm is to help our clients find and nuture talent. At Pi Executive, what we do for our clients is as important when hiring our own team members.

Our core values are simple and as unique as you are.

1. Never settle.
We seek always to meet our clients’ requirements or die trying. We seek to provide service excellence but have the humility to know we will never quite get there. There is always something to improve. Always something new to learn. 

2. 20/20.
In everything we do, we aim for transparent integrity. We do what we say and we say what we think. This dictates how we work with our clients and how our team are involved in all aspects of our company’s development. 

3. Happy Days.
We seek to take our profession very seriously but not ourselves. Life is too short not to have some fun on route. Delivery comes first. A close second is maintaining a smile and perspective in all that we do. 

4. Dare + Share.
We have got where we are as a result of collaborative entrepreneurism. We know our future success will require perpetual innovation and audacity. Together anything is possible. We love working with clients and brands that share this value. 

5. Look up.
Probably our most oft- pronounced value. It talks to the bigger picture. Wellness, kindness and respect for the wider Pi family and the community in which we live. When we look after each other, everyone wins. Look up.

With Pi Executive you will learn how to interact with candidates and clients as peers and to become a trusted advisor who help design talent strategies.

If you enjoy having an immediate impact on an organization, challenging the status quo and being provocative to identify and solve complex talent issues, you will thrive as a Consultant and Talent Advisor at Pi Executive.

We would be delighted to share more of our unique culture and business modeI with you. We welcome talented and unique candidate enquiries.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win s championships.

Michael Jordan