Executive Coaching


Pi Executive will help you equip your leaders, and leadership teams, with the clarity, focus and approach they will need to meet business objectives and challenges.

Hiring an impactful leader is critical. We help to make sure his/her first steps as a new leader are as successful and efficient as possible – as the cost of a failed recruitment at this level is very detrimental to an organization.

At the same time, we provide insights and coaching to your key executives and leadership teams in order to enhance your results and solidify your company culture.

This is why Pi Executive is proud to offer the following development programs:

  • Executive Onboarding – a three-month program combining seven one-to-one interview sessions with one of our certified coaches, assessment analysis and recommendations and a follow up on any warning signs
  • Personal Development Coaching – helping your best executives to make an easier transition to their new role / assignment
  • One-to-One coaching – addressing specific and unique situations to help some of your leaders with their key business initiatives
  • Team Coaching and Diversity Onboarding – coaching your new teams to work better together and to more easily adapt to the company culture

These services will help your executives to better understand their current strengths and blind-spots, and how best to leverage and develop them. We help them prioritize and effectively deliver what you need.

Our coaching methodology includes personal assessment, 360-degree reviews and the use of practical and self-sustaining methods that achieve measurable results in a fixed period.

At a group level, we work with your leadership team to define its objectives and to determine the skills and styles needed (following current member assessment). Once the team is established, we will help facilitate common purpose and high-performance working traits that then percolate down through the business.


From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.

Arthur Ashe