Hiring an Executive is a complex, delicate and costly process. Making sure they are set up for success in the first few weeks and months is crucial because research show that the cost of a failed recruitment process is in average $2.7 million.

Pi Executive onboarding processes are designed to help organizations successfully welcome new critical hires or ease the transition of an internal promotion. Our customized program maximizes the early impact of an executive in a new capacity.

What are the benefits of an onboarding process:

  • Clarify strengths and development areas
  • Confirm key competencies for success
  • Enable cultural integration
  • Boost leadership skills
  • Identify key relations to future
  • Provide early feedback from leadership
  • Coach on setting up the right goals and avoid missteps
  • Detect early warning signs

Our three Onboarding solutions:

PiO (Onboarding):

We conduct a three month program that follows the successful hire of a new Executive. Based on assessments and references gathered during the recruitment process, we plan up to seven individual customized coaching sessions with the new incumbent combined with at least two feedback sessions with the sponsor. 

PiUP (Transition/Promotion):

This program is similar to our PiO service but dedicated to Internal promotions. It is designed to accelerate the transition of the executive to his/her new role and get quickly up to speed during the critical first 100 days. During this process we emphasize on four areas: business acumen – cultural integration & learning – relationships buildings – goals and early warnings.

PiD (Diversity):

In an increasingly diverse corporate world, leaders need to develop their CQ (cultural intelligence). Our Executive coaches have extensive International expertise and provide customized programs which facilitate cultural integration.

Talent is a flame, but genius is a fire.

Honore de Balzac